Types of Clip In Hair Extensions

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remy hair extensions-2349489272

5 Most Popular Clip In Hair EXtensions

Clip in hair extensions are no doubt the most popular type of hair extensions. They are easy to both install and remove, and they are harmful as well. Due to popularity, there are several types of clip in hair extensions in the market these days. Below are 5 most popular clip in hair extensions today:

Full head sets: This type of clip in is probably the most popular among all. The full head sets give you instant long hair and volume with pre-attached clips that won’t slip or pull. This set comes in a range of colors and lengths.

Double wefted sets: This set is for you who have thick hair or need extra hair volume. To produce double the volume of the standard full head set, two wefts are placed on top of one another and sewn together. This set is just as easy to apply and it won’t slip or feel heavy at all.

One clip in sets: This type comes in single 12 inch wide hair extensions. It gives you fuller hair instantly, which blends with your natural hair on the back of your head. It can easily be styled or curled to suit your look.

Highlighted clip in sets: This type comes in 2 inch small hair extensions with color. These colored streaks are for you who want to add color or highlight effect on your hair without dying it. These streaks have the slips already attached, so you can apply it on your hair in just a minute.

Clip in fringes: Whether you have short or long hair, you can look different instantly by having fringe. You can easily change your look by attaching a set of clip in fringe on your hair. This fringe will fit and blend naturally with your natural hair in just a few minutes.


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