The Distinction between Carrageenan and Poligeenan

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While there are many different kinds of additives and preservatives that have truly been proven to be dangerous for a person’s health, for some reason people zero in on carrageenan, and the rumor about the dangers of consuming carrageenan spread like a wildfire. This may be due to the fact that carrageenan is contained in most food products, so people fear what would happen because they know they have consumed a good amount of it. A passage, then again, expresses that sustenance grade carrageenan keeps up its higher atomic weight, is not separated to end up unsafe like poligeenan, and is not consumed by the body. The survey took a gander at studies concerning rodents, puppies, and non-human primates.

Understanding the Distinction between Carrageenan and Poligeenan

One study brings up that undegraded carrageenan could be connected to ulcers and tumors of the colon right alongside the debased carrageenan, for these conceivable reasons. The separating of the undegraded carrageenan into debased carrageenan when presented to stomach corrosive. The audit expresses there’s no compelling reason to stress that the carrageenan utilized as a part of sustenance is harmful or cancer-causing. So what’s the distinction, on the off chance that they’re both carrageenan and got from the same ocean growth? One is more prepared. Carrageenan has a higher sub-atomic weight than poligeenan. Poligeenan is gotten from carrageenan when it’s prepared at a high temperature with solid acids for six hours or more. It’s separated into shorter chains and a lower atomic weight amid this procedure.

The conclusion is that carrageenan is safe although poligeenan is not. You should click on the link if you wish to know more about carrageenan and what this product entails for your condition. Remember that not every rumor is to be taken seriously, and the one about carrageenan should definitely be taken with a grain of salt.


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