The Bonus from the Online Soccer Betting Website

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The most interesting from the situs Judi bola is the bonus. You could get more than one kind of bonus. In this website, you could see the bonus before you involve on the bet. Besides that, the bonus will be the reason that you use the website. It could convince you how great this online soccer betting website.

The bonus and its term

The first bonus which you will get is the bonus as a new member. The bonus is about 10% from the deposit which you do. The bonus can be got from all the games on the website which is on both Sportsbook and Casino. To get a bonus, you will need to do Rp. 100.000 minimal deposit and Rp. 2.000.000 maximum deposit. You could do the withdrawal from the bonus when you have done member credit three times. The bonus will be dismissed when you withdraw before you do member credit three times. The bonus may be sent directly after you make a deposit. Then, it will disappear if you withdraw before do three times member credit. The bonus will only apply to member one time. When there are two members or more have the same IP address, bank account, mobile phone number, email address, or any other identity member, the bonus will not be able to be yours.

The bonus is also available in Sportsbooks game. You may have a chance to get cash back 5%. It is applied to all the members of Situs303. Then, whatever games of Sportsbooks you play, you will get the cash back bonus. The 5% bonus of cash back is counted every Monday. It means that every bonus of the cash back will be updated on member credit every Monday. The minimum cash back is about Rp 200.000 from the total loss.


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