Shokugeki No Soma Manga- Give the Climax of Sensation

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Shokugeki No Soma Manga is a series where the cooking battle is dominated it. This is the anime that tells about the food. Every dish is displayed interestingly. If you are going to read or watch this, make sure you bring the food. This is because you will get the amazing sensation of feeling hungry because you see that there is some delicious food here. The food is displayed in beautiful with shining.

The main key

The main key of this is about the food war. Here, there are some food wars that are done by the students of the Tootsuki Culinary School. It is the best school in cooking learning. Some students of this school that is able to pass the examination will become the professional chef. No wonder that it has less graduation because students will not pass if they don’t have the enough capability in cooking. In this story, Soma becomes a student in this school so he learns how to cook well.

Reading this story is very interesting. Cooking becomes the interesting activity in every episode. It makes your stomach feeling hungry. The food in this series is overdramatized. Every food serves with a great creativity so the result is very amazing. It is the interesting story. Every person must want to know every episode. This is the story about a son that has the ambition to be like his father. Well, his father is a great chef with a high-quality cooking. Souma and his father work in the family’s restaurant. Souma wants to be a head chef in that restaurant. The struggle of the Souma is started when he enters the Toosuki Academy. He really wants to have the high capability in cooking so he can be better than his father.

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