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Pizza, prizes and lots of information was had by all at our October meeting. Remember that Lynda.com offers our members a 20% discount so use the Contact Us form and let us know your user ID and we'll email the discount code to you.

See you in November!

Flash not playing nice when importing .mp3 files

My computer crashed the other day and so I had to reinstall Flash Pro CS3. Well, when I attempted to import an .mp3 file into a template I had created earlier within Flash, I received the following error message:

"One or more files were not imported because there were problems reading them."

So I went and rebooted my machine and started up Flash again and still got the same message. I couldn't find anything in the various forums on this so I took a deep breath, bit the bullet, and decided to uninstall Flash and reinstall. After all that – I was still getting the same error message. Arrrgghhhhh!

Then I stumbled upon this technote from Adobe:


The brief technote states the following:
"Macromedia Flash does not internally support MP3 files with a
bitrate over 160kbps. Importing sound files over this size will
cause Macromedia Flash to ask Quicktime to handle the import via Quicktime's
audio subsystem."

The Solution:
import MP3 files with a bitrate over 160kbps you will need to
install Apple's Quicktime. If QuickTime is installed and you are still
getting the error, uninstall QuickTime, download and reinstall
newest version of Quicktime and then restart your

I had not yet reinstalled Quicktime on the machine, so I held out hope that this would work, and it did. Kevin Stagg was a very happy camper.

I hope this brief blog saves you the heartache I had gone through in solving this error.



Hey Everybody!!!

I just wanted to remind everyone that the last day to register for Tex-Flex is tomorrow.¬? I know both Jason Fincanon and I are going.¬? I hope to see some other people from DFWAUG there as well. It is an Adobe endorsed event and we need to show our support.¬? See you there!

Register here >>

Dallas PHP hosts Flex Event!

Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex, Air and the Zend Framework DallasPHP has made special arrangements with Adobe to hold a very special presentation event for our October 14th meeting!

Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) are everywhere. With Web businesses like Google and Yahoo! and brick and mortar companies like Harley Davidson and Sherwin Williams embracing RIAs for their online presence, the media buzz is giving way to the reality of a better Internet.

Adobe has recently contributed AMF support to the Zend Framework, allowing PHP developers to easily build Rich Internet Applications using Flex and Adobe AIR that interact with a PHP backend.

Danny Dura, a technical evangelist with Adobe, will give an introduction to Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR, and will walk through how to create a Flex application powered by PHP and the Zend Framework. Working with Zend Studio for Eclipse, and Flex Builder (an Eclipse plugin), Danny will demonstrate how to build, debug and deploy applications built with Adobe Flex, and how to have these same applications run on the desktop using the Adobe AIR runtime.

With this knowledge, developers will be able to easily build rich Internet applications that combine data from PHP and rich media like audio and video into a compelling application.

We expect attendance to be high, possibly standing room only, so come early!

See you soon!

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008 at 7:00 PM

Yahoo! Offices (The Riverwalk Conference Room) 1680 Glenville Drive Richardson, TX 75024 (Please use the North entrance)

Event details: http://dallasphp.org/html/Home.htm?article_id=128
The meeting will be held in the Riverwalk Conference room at the offices of Yahoo!


Flash for the iPhone confirmed at FOTB

It looks like Adobe has for the first time publicly confirmed that Flash Player for the iPhone is currently under development and they're just waiting for the go-ahead from Apple: