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Issa Asad-983482472

Location of your business becomes the important part that will affect your business. Usually, a small business started with the low budget. In this case, you should be clever in choosing the right location for your business. Actually, there are two types of the locations you can choose those are a commercial or residential space. In deciding what kind of the type it is, it should be suitable for type of your business. The great and cheap location is in your own home. It can be suitable if your business involves sitting on a computer.

Great location for small business

The following below is some kinds of the locations you can choose when you are going to start the small business. The categories are based on Issa Asad. Yes, he is the CEO of Telecommunications Company. For more information about him, you can check it

Your own home

You can choose a location of your business in your own home. It can become something interesting because you will get some benefits. Firstly, with using the rooms in your home as the office room, you don’t need to pay for renting. Besides that, you don’t need to pay for the transportation fee. However, if you feel it will bother your activity that is non-business-related, of course, it will become the problem for you.

Commercial space

This is the common place that is chosen by many people. This is because having the business in the commercial place will be more professional and stable. You can increase your business freely. For example, you can decorate this office as you want to be. But, the downside of this is you should pay for renting the office, maintenance, and utilities.

Co-working space

It becomes famous because many businessmen choose this recently. Do you know what is it? This is the place that you share with the other entrepreneur.

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