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Have you ever heard about Issa Asad? Issa Asad comes from Miami, Florida. He joined the telecommunications industry in 1996 and he became an entrepreneur and the CEO of two telecom companies in Dania. The two-telecom companies are Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings, LLC. Not only become an entrepreneur, Issa Asad is also the author of four books. He also the owner of the multiple techs news blogs. In his blogs, he loves to share tips for telecom entrepreneurs.

One of His Book is about Alibaba

Alibaba is a Chinese company that becomes the world’s largest business-to-business e-commerce marketplace and it has been owned several uber successful subsidiary companies in China. If you have ever heard about Alipay, which is similar to US PayPal, Taobao that similar to US eBay, andTmall that similar to US Amazon. China became the world’s biggest economy with more than 1.4 billion people recently. The half of a billion people in China regularly purchases the products online. More than 80% of all products shipped in China are come from the transaction that made on Alibaba’s website.

The hope from Asad is to buy his book; people can have their own opportunity to get success. Buy his book, everyone can use and make money from it. What you need to do is only read the book and gets the message inside it. His book is not difficult to understand and read, in addition, it also does not make you tired of reading because it is just 80 pages. The book will explain to you how to use Alibaba to create a profitable business and covers topics. It explains about the setting up your account, choosing the products to sell, and select the right contractors. The promise from Asad is, by reading his book; all business owners can get the benefit from his book. As what you know that this generation   is possibly becoming the biggest online business opportunity. You can check it here!


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