How do I remove a member from a shared folder?


Here the steps how to remove a member from a shared folder.

  1. You should sign in to the Dropbox account or Dropbox website
  2. Select the sharing tab from the sidebar on the left
  3. Then you should click Option link to the right of the shared folder
  4. Click the “cross” or X for the member that you want to remove.

Uninstall your Dropbox Using CleanMyMac 3

Here I provide you with the steps you should do when you want to uninstall Dropbox on Mac.

  • The first step you have to download Clean My Mac 3, it is free to download, and you can get in official site or unofficial sites, but if you want to safe and secure you should choose the official site.
  • After you download and run the program you should open it the app
  • Then, pick uninstaller in the menu of the bar, and after that click on “view all application” see a list of all application you have on your Mac.
  • Find Dropbox application, set the checked flag on it and it’s ready to uninstall. Done!

Not only will delete your files but also this software will help you to clean your Mac. This smart clean up tools will help you scans everything on your Mac, including:

  • Mac System
  • Large & Old Files
  • Photos and iPhoto Libraries
  • Mail Application
  • iTunes Library
  • And Mac Trash Bins

So not only viruses and some folder that old that you can uninstall but also all the files which you are no longer use it you should uninstall it to make your Mac healthy. And you should know that Dropbox is one of the great tools for if you already delete your files, you can restore it easily. Dropbox will stores your folder for 30 days before your folder or files gone forever. So before you get rid of your Dropbox you should secure your important file first.




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