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It’s OpenCF Summit Time!

OpenCF Summit

Free and Open CFML

OpenCF Summit is a community gathering focused exclusively on advancing free and open source software in the CFML community.

If you’re interested in diving into the free software CFML engines,  learning more about the free software movement, and interacting with the most progressive thinkers in the CFML community, OpenCF Summit is for you!

When and Where?

OpenCF Summit is taking place on Feburary 24 – 26, 2012, at the Special Events Center in Garland, Texas.

See the attend page for airport, venue, and hotel information.

How Much?

72 hours of CFFreedom for the low, low price of only $72. Sleep optional.

Sign Me Up!

Register now!


OpenCF Summit Update

Because they got such great sponsorship assistance, this week they dropped the admission price to $30. Since it’s a non-profit event they aren’t charging any more than they have to. The Summit is scheduled for Feburary 21 – 23, 2011. For more information see the previous post at


OpenCF Summit :: Free Your Mind

OpenCF Summit is a community gathering focused exclusively on promoting free and open source software in the CFML community.

If you’re interested in getting into the free software CFML engines, enhancing CFML engines through plugins or outright hacking, and socializing with people doing cutting-edge things with CFML, this is the place for you. Click Here to get on the mailing list for further announcements.

UPDATE: For more information visit the blog !! Registration opens November 8th so get your credit cards ready!

When and Where?

We’re still working out the details, but here’s what we know so far:

See the travel page for airport, venue, and hotel information.

How Much?

This is an all volunteer effort with an intentional $0 profit margin so while we don’t have a firm registration cost yet, it will be cheap. Surprisingly, shockingly cheap for what you get in return. $199.00 $30.00 for the event! Throw in the hotel and you’re getting three days of direct contact with the teams from Open BlueDragonRailo, and Blue River (Mura), as well as many other major names in the free software and open source CFML movement, all for about $500.


The Week in Dreamweaver – 8/31/2007

Here, let me help you spin some wheels while you're waiting for the three-day weekend to start. This week we have "deprecated" features in Dreamweaver, a nifty Fireworks command for those of us who need to provide quick comps, how to set up development environments, and Flex vs Ajax benchmarking.

Scott Fegette points to Deprecated features in Dreamweaver, a new TechNote in the Dreamweaver Support Center that warns of features to be dropped in the next version of Dreamweaver. Nothing there i'll miss. How about you? (Scott provides some insight in the comments.)

The Dreamweaver Developer Center has posted new tutorials on setting up a Dreamweaver development environment for ASP and for ColdFusion.

The Dev Center also has a new article on the Demo Current Document command for Adobe Fireworks CS3. Viktor Goltvyanitsa's command quickly exports "mockups and wireframes into a slick slideshow geared for giving presentations to clients or colleagues."

Going to steal some of Chris Long's thunder and point to some impressive benchmarking of Flex vs several flavors of Ajax. If this is important to your work, it's worth wading through the back-and-forth in the comments before making technical choices based on these results. The original test code was written by James Ward who has posted the source so that others can test on in their own environments. Via John Dowdell, who quotes one of the negative comments: "The problem is that _my boss_… could take look at [these results], and ask me to redo our apps using Flex…." Every silver lining has a dark cloud, doesn't it?

The Week in Dreamweaver – 8/26/2007

The last week or so in Dreamweaver sees additional info about developing for AIR in DW CS3, new color scheme functionality in Fireworks, and some warranted grumpiness about ColdFusion 8 documentation.

You've probably seen Adobe's color scheme generator, Kuler, on Adobe Labs. Ben Pritchard has ported Kuler into Adobe Fireworks via an extension he created (he'd already done the same for Adobe Flash).

Scott Fegette
, Technical Product Manager for Dreamweaver at Adobe, has a couple of useful articles about the AIR Extension for Dreamweaver CS3. The first is about building an RSS viewer using AIR. The second is a demo of configuring the AIR extension to build and deploy AIR applications.

Scott also points to the release of Eric Meyer's CSS Sculptor for Dreamweaver from WebAssist. Not free, but if you are just getting started with CSS and need standards-compliant layouts to help you out, probably worth your time.

Jake Munson is unhappy about the dumbing-down of the ColdFusion 8 documentation that ships in the CF8 update for Dreamweaver (the attributes tables are not in the final version of the docs, even though they were included in a beta release). Adobe's Randy Nielsen shows up in the comments to explain and offer assistance with Jake's project.

i agree with Jake. i reference those tables all the time. All is not lost, however–the missing info is included in the LiveDocs version. Still, y'know. Ouch.