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Up Coming For Air

Which IDE is better for AIR development? Andy Powell builds an AIR application in HTML and JavaScript, then compares his experience with Dreamweaver to his experience with Aptana.

Meanwhile (by which i mean this Wednesday), back at the ranch (by which i mean you can register here), Adobe hosts a free live eSeminar on how to use AIR's drawing API for data visualizations. Register for "Programmatic Visualizations."



AIR and FLEX Betas move into next phase.


Both AIR and Flex have moved into the next stage of their Beta. ¨?If you are part of the PreRelease program you can download the new drops.

;p>¨?If you happened to have built an AIR app, you will need to update it's code base for it to run with the newly released AIR Beta 2. ¨?You find instructions for updating your AIR app here: AIR BETA 1 to BETA 2 Update Instructions


The Week in Dreamweaver – 8/26/2007

The last week or so in Dreamweaver sees additional info about developing for AIR in DW CS3, new color scheme functionality in Fireworks, and some warranted grumpiness about ColdFusion 8 documentation.

You've probably seen Adobe's color scheme generator, Kuler, on Adobe Labs. Ben Pritchard has ported Kuler into Adobe Fireworks via an extension he created (he'd already done the same for Adobe Flash).

Scott Fegette
, Technical Product Manager for Dreamweaver at Adobe, has a couple of useful articles about the AIR Extension for Dreamweaver CS3. The first is about building an RSS viewer using AIR. The second is a demo of configuring the AIR extension to build and deploy AIR applications.

Scott also points to the release of Eric Meyer's CSS Sculptor for Dreamweaver from WebAssist. Not free, but if you are just getting started with CSS and need standards-compliant layouts to help you out, probably worth your time.

Jake Munson is unhappy about the dumbing-down of the ColdFusion 8 documentation that ships in the CF8 update for Dreamweaver (the attributes tables are not in the final version of the docs, even though they were included in a beta release). Adobe's Randy Nielsen shows up in the comments to explain and offer assistance with Jake's project.

i agree with Jake. i reference those tables all the time. All is not lost, however–the missing info is included in the LiveDocs version. Still, y'know. Ouch.

AIR Quality Report from the Angelika

The Adobe AIR bus tour pulled into Dallas last night and landed at the Angelika Theater and a good time was had by all!

The Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), previously referred to by its code-name of “Apollo”, is a cross-operating system runtime that allows web developers to leverage their existing web development skills (such as Flash, Flex, HTML and JavaScript) to build and deploy web applications and content to the desktop.

Currently in public beta, it has a rich set of features, with support for building both HTML, and Flash based applications.

DFWAUG had a table generously set aside for us by Adobe. Some local celebrities stopped by; Jonathan Bowman from Adobe in Dallas, A.J. Wood from Media Cats and J Schuh, President of The Guild all stopped by to say hello! Many of our members also came by, helped out, and had a great time.

Adobe rolled out the red carpet and had food, snacks, beverages, video games, and goody bags for all the attendees. Unfortunately, one of the stars of the tour – the Bus – couldn’t make it. Because of the Angelika’s location they weren’t allowed to park it out front.

There is a big wave of technology rolling out from Adobe these days and AIR really leads the way.

Check out pictures from the tour here.

If you didn’t make it out for this I’m sorry you missed it!