My computer crashed the other day and so I had to reinstall Flash Pro CS3. Well, when I attempted to import an .mp3 file into a template I had created earlier within Flash, I received the following error message:

"One or more files were not imported because there were problems reading them."

So I went and rebooted my machine and started up Flash again and still got the same message. I couldn't find anything in the various forums on this so I took a deep breath, bit the bullet, and decided to uninstall Flash and reinstall. After all that – I was still getting the same error message. Arrrgghhhhh!

Then I stumbled upon this technote from Adobe:

The brief technote states the following:
"Macromedia Flash does not internally support MP3 files with a
bitrate over 160kbps. Importing sound files over this size will
cause Macromedia Flash to ask Quicktime to handle the import via Quicktime's
audio subsystem."

The Solution:
import MP3 files with a bitrate over 160kbps you will need to
install Apple's Quicktime. If QuickTime is installed and you are still
getting the error, uninstall QuickTime, download and reinstall
newest version of Quicktime and then restart your

I had not yet reinstalled Quicktime on the machine, so I held out hope that this would work, and it did. Kevin Stagg was a very happy camper.

I hope this brief blog saves you the heartache I had gone through in solving this error.